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Your questions. Our Answers.

What do you use to make your masks?

Good vibes and sunny ways! (Kidding.) Our outer shells are either 100% cotton, a cotton-polyester blend or polyester. The liner is polypropylene, a man-made non-woven fabric commonly used in filters and masks. 

Do you have a pocket for a filter?

No. Our masks do not need a filter pocket, since the inner lining is entirely composed of filter material.

Do you have nose wires?


What if I don't like the mask or it doesn't fit?

Good question. Due to the personal nature of masks during a pandemic, we do not accept returns, so please choose carefully. We want to keep everyone safe, including ourselves and our families.

Do you make masks for children?

We do! Check out our kids masks here  

How do I know which size to choose?

Great question! Normally, our medium fits most teens and women, our large is typically for men and those with broader faces. But what is normal, anyway? The best way to figure out the right size is to measure the opening of the middle of each ear across the tip of your nose to the opposite ear.

Small: 11.5" Medium: 13"  Large: 14"

Are your masks adjustable?

No. Please bear in mind that everyone is unique, so while our sizes are standard, the elastic loops can fit loose or tight depending on individual face shapes. These are not adjustable, so it’s important to fit a bit larger than smaller. If the loops are a bit loose, you can ‘MacGuyver’ a solution. Place the ear loops around the ears, then thread a string or shoelace through each loop and tie the string ends to tighten the mask to a comfortable fit on your face. Alternatively, you can knot the end of the elastic on each side. (And don’t forget to breathe!) 

How do I put on and remove my mask?

Easy peasy. To wear the mask, ensure the straight edge is under your chin and the curved edge is over your nose. Loop the elastics around your ears and adjust the mask so it covers from the bridge of your nose to your chin. To remove, unhook one loop and remove the mask without touching the fabric. Place in the wash and wash your hands. 

Are your masks washable?

Yes! Our masks are breathable and should be machine washed and machine dried. They can also be sanitized by spraying with rubbing alcohol, if necessary. *Please DO NOT IRON your mask! 

What are my shipping options? 

Local Pick-up Need your mask, like ASAP? We have your back. Swing by our local pick-up in Carp, Ontario. Orders are typically ready in a couple of days. 

Local Delivery Can’t wait? 3 to 4 day turnaround. Orleans to Kanata, downtown to Ottawa South.

Xpresspost We also offer Xpresspost through Canada Post with a tracking number. One week delivery with tracking #.

Regular Mail  Not in a rush? We offer letter rate shipping through Canada Post - no tracking number is provided. Currently, Canada Post is exceeding three weeks for delivery of letter mail.


Hey, I ordered my mask and it hasn’t yet arrived. What gives?

Your frustration is our frustration. We are in continuous contact with Canada Post who offer a variety of reasons for the delays, such as being short staffed, shorter office hours and an avalanche of online shopping parcels, regular mail is taking much longer than usual. It may feel like the mail is moving by pony cart, but it’s not. If you want to learn more, there’s always this to read:



Can I get a tracking number?

If you chose the Xpresspost option, we ensure your tracking number is sent to you by email through our Shopify store. If you chose letter mail – the slowest option – there is no tracking number, as it’s the same as getting a birthday card from Grandma (yay!) or, less happily, a property tax bill. But rest assured that we post your masks as soon as we fulfil your order. They’re on their way!